do you live in Japan? last year I tried to buy tickets tto watch La Reconquista on NicoNico and it wouldn't let me because I'm in the USA.

I live in the USA. When you buy points at Nico Nico there is a credit card option that you can use. The link I shared has a step-by-step guide. Hope that helps! ^-^

do not use that stupid argument. if it were not for piracy none of you will know that it is myu.

Not trying to argue. Only offering an option. I was getting impatient waiting for Miss Dream’s subs and then found out I could watch it on Nico Nico so I thought I’d offer to help. In the past there was no way to show support for the musicals overseas but now there is and that’s a good thing- more money, more popularity, the better the shows will be, the more chances of an official US release, and more chances of them running longer. I’m not saying don’t pirate. I’m going to download Miss Dream’s subs as soon as they’re out. I’m very thankful for the people who have subtitled the musicals and other things that we couldn’t see otherwise over the years! But if you can’t wait any longer and want a raw version you can pay. Otherwise just wait. Don’t be disrespectful to the people who are helping get the musical out in a language for us to understand. They’re obviously putting in a lot of work.

Hey! Here are a few screen grabs! I’ll probably do some more tomorrow! Why not support the musical by watching it on Nico Nico while you wait for Miss Dream’s sub? Here’s a link to an easy guide on how to do so!


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Adults, to 10-year-old me: You’ll grow out of Pokémon someday.

Me, at 10: No, I’ll never grow out of it! Just wait and see!

Me, at 26: 8D They don’t ask that question any more.